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Thank you for using QVC Liquidation's Private Marketplace! If you need to contact us for any reason, simply send us an email at support@qvcliquidation.com and a team member will respond as soon as possible.

Please note, our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST.

QVC Liquidation Marketplace FAQ

General Marketplace Information
QVC Product Information
QVC Shipping Policies
Checkout Instructions
Warehouse Locations

General Marketplace Information

Please read each listing carefully.  Information such as: manifest information, product location and conditions may vary from listing-to-listing.

To change your user information visit the My Account page.

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To track your order activities, go to My Order page.

Product Information

What type of product does QVC liquidate?

  • 1st Quality — Discontinued and/or overstock merchandise that is considered new and contains no flaws or defects, however, may have box damage. Product is sold as is with no warranty or return privileges. 
  • 2nd Quality — QVC customer returned products that are eligible for sale through the QVC Outlet Stores. This merchandise consists of high quality customer returns that may or may not be in the original packaging or may have box damage. This merchandise may show slight signs of customer use or contain partial sets. Product is sold as is with no warranty or return privileges.
  • 3rd Quality —QVC customer returns that will show signs of use in varying degrees. Product may or may not be in the original packaging. Some items may be partials. Product is sold as is with no warranty

Important! The actual quantity of items shipped on any given customer order may vary by up to 5% from the quantity set forth in the original listings and manifest detail.

How does QVC sort the different types of product?

  • QVC sorts the product first by quality then by category.

What product categories does QVC liquidate?

  • Accessories, Apparel, Exercise, Home Decor, Housewares, Linens, Rugs, Seasonal, Shoes and more.

Are there any categories that QVC does not liquidate?

  • QVC does not liquidate perishables, cosmetics, plants or health & beauty

Is there a minimum purchase? A maximum purchase?

  • Yes, QVC liquidates product by the pallet and the pallets can be purchased individually or in multiple quantities. There is 5 pallet maximum for all orders to ship via UPS Freight LTL.

How is the pricing determined?

  • The price per pallet can be based on a percentage of the QVC On Air Value or priced point per item.

What content can I use?

  • You are not authorized to utilize the QVC brand or logo in any advertising, marketing or e-commerce storefront. The URL image links provided on the manifest detail are considered intellectual property of QVC, Inc. and may not be reproduced, copied, modified or utilized in any manner to market or sell liquidated inventory. Please reference the "Content" section of our Site Terms for the full policy on QVC, Inc. copyrighted material.

How do listings ship?

  • Listings are shipped out of the following QVC warehouses:
    Rocky Mount, NC  27801
    Suffolk, VA  23434
    Florence, SC 29501
  • Orders from different warehouse locations cannot be combined.
  • The product can be shipped Freight Collect by a 3rd party carrier or Prepaid Freight (UPS Freight).
  • If shipped Freight Prepaid (UPS Freight), the freight cost will be automatically added to the invoice and must be paid along with the payment for the merchandise.
  • If shipped Freight Prepaid, there is a 5 pallet maximum with UPS Freight on LTL shipments.
  • The product can also be shipped Freight Collect and picked up directly at the warehouse by a 3rd party carrier, however, an appointment must be scheduled in advance of the pickup. See warehouse information below.
  • All Freight Collect orders must be picked up at the QVC Distribution Center by a 3rd party carrier.
  • A lift gate option is also available at the time of check out. There is an additional charge of $30.00 for this service.
  • All orders are processed within 5 business days of the warehouse receiving the ship order.
  • Pro numbers or tracking numbers are available once orders have shipped and will be uploaded when your order status is updated.

Does QVC offer Trailer Loads?

  • Trailer loads are considered any order with greater than 11 listings.
  • Buyers can custom build a trailer load by selecting up to 26 listings on a single order or select from a pre-built trailer load available under the Trailer Load Category.
  • Trailer load orders can be shipped as Freight Collect or Freight Prepaid.
  • Freight Collect orders must be shipped by a 3rd party, professional carrier. Freight Prepaid orders are arranged by QVC.
  • Trailer load freight quotes are available by contacting QVC at: support@qvcliquidation.com. Please provide your city, state and zip code with each request.
  • A lift gate option is not available for Trailer Loads.
  • Prepaid freight quotes will need to be applied to orders prior to wire payment being submitted.

What type of payment is accepted?

  • Payment is accepted in the form of a ABA (same-day) bank wire transfer and must be confirmed by the QVC Treasury Department prior to merchandise being shipped or picked up.

What is the return policy?

  • All purchases are Final Sale, As Is, Where Is. 
  • QVC does not accept return of merchandise purchased through the QVC Liquidation Department.


Shipping Policies

  • Shipping/Lift Gate option for UPS Freight LTL Loads: If you need to have your pallets delivered on a trailer with a lift gate you will be able to add this service to your order at checkout. This service will be necessary when a loading dock or the proper equipment is not available to off-load the pallets from the trailer to ground level. This option needs to be selected in advance of the delivery in order for the request to be added to the Bill of Lading and for the discounted rate to be applied. The additional charge for this service will be $30.00 and will be added to your invoice.
  • Shipping/Delivery Trailer Load: A shipping price for the trailer load will show at checkout but is not accurate. Please email or message the QVC Liquidation team to request an accurate freight quote for your prepaid trailer load after completing checkout. The QVC Liquidation will update your order with the correct freight quote and notify you once complete. Please do not wire your payment until after QVC has contacted you to confirm the freight cost has been updated.  A QVC transportation coordinator will call you directly to schedule the delivery of your prepaid trailer load.

    Please note that the Lift Gate option is not available for Trailer Load orders.

  • Freight Collect: If you prefer to use your own 3rd party carrier, please email or message the QVC Liquidation team to remove the freight charges from your order. Orders will be sent to the warehouse after confirmation of payment. Freight Collect orders must be picked up directly at the warehouse by a 3rd party carrier. QVC will provide you with the warehouse contact information to schedule a pickup appointment once the freight charges have been removed from the order.

    Important! Please Read: The Freight Collect option is for shipments that are arranged by the customer to have a 3rd party carrier pick up the inventory from the warehouse. The carrier must have a dock height trailer in order to allow the pallets to be loaded. Unfortunately, liquidation customers are not able to personally visit the warehouse to pick up merchandise purchased from the QVC Liquidation Department.

Checkout Instructions


Important! Please Read: Placing and item in your shopping cart does not secure that item. You must fully complete the checkout process to secure your items. Items that are only placed inside your shopping cart will remain visible on the marketplace for other customers to purchase.

Please read the instructions below carefully before checking out:

After each purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation email.  Follow the instructions on the purchase confirmation email.  

Please note that  when you proceed to checkout you will be checking out for all items in your shopping cart that are pending checkout.

Please limit all Prepaid UPS Freight LTL orders to 5 pallets or less. If an order exceeds the 5 pallet maximum, the QVC Liquidation team will calculate the proper freight cost for two LTL shipments and adjust the order as necessary. The QVC team will notify you of the changes via email or through an order message.

Please do not check out until you are finished buying items from the marketplace. Once you begin the checkout process you will not be able to add additional manifests to your current order. 

QVC can ship orders to the Continental United States only at this time.

Purchases are valid for 7 Days from time of Check Out. If wire payment is not received within 7 days of checkout, QVC may cancel the offer and relist the manifest(s) into available inventory.  All purchases are AS IS, WHERE IS: ALL SALES FINAL

Warehouse Information

Warehouse 440
Address: 100 QVC BOULEVARD

Warehouse 200
Address: 1 QVC DRIVE

Warehouse 150
Address: 2200 TV Road
Florence, SC 29501

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